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Individual Chargers

These are specifically designed for individual use and typically they charge between 3,6 kW and 7,2 kW (more powerful chargers are available, if needed) so if you have a car with a 40kW battery it would take you some 5,5 hours to charge fully.

Before buying a car charger, you need to think a bit about how you use your car. Some facts:

  • In Europe we actually drive less than 50km a day, average

  • Statistically and in the country where electric vehicle became mainstream first (Norway) - each charge session charges about 9kW

  • 90% of charging happens at home and at work

You need to ask youself how many kilometers you drive your car per day and in the weekend and for what purpose. Have a talk with us and evaluate what car charger fits best your car use and only after that you can choose a Car Charger and install it by our certified and capable electricians. It is the easiest an safest way to get your car charged! Call +351 21 192 1071 (From 09:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00)