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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

$35 Billion: UK Faces Huge Loss From Electric Vehicle Adoption

An article on the website. Reading the article it says that the Institute for Fiscal Studies recommends: "The government should set out its long-term plan for taxing driving, before it finds itself with virtually no revenues from driving and no way to correct for the costs -– most importantly congestion –- that driving imposes on others,” said Rebekah Stroud, an IFS economist who co-authored the report."

"The think tank recommends implementing taxes on EVs soon, as car owners are becoming used to avoiding these duties on their fuel. "

Luckily the governments are not depending on taxes only and can drastically reduce the billions of subsidies (at least 11,62 billion, as far as I can see in the Study on Energy Prices, Costs and Subsidies and their Impact on Industry and Households, see the picture) given to the fossil fuel industry.

Besides those billions, the people of the UK will save millions on healthcare needed for the tens of thousands of ill constituents due to the emissions of particles and toxic fumes.

If we then deduct the millions of pounds needed to clean and recover historical buildings from smog caused by exhaust fumes, I think we will not need to tax the electric vehicle owners...


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