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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

Porsche Taycan WORLD EXCLUSIVE genuine first drive & launch control testing 0-200kph | Fully Charged

The Fully Charged Show is given exclusive access to get Jonny Smith behind the wheel of the new first Porsche all electric car - the Taycan - and drive it full throttle from 0-124 mph (200 km/h) dozens of times. CHECK THE VIDEO HERE. The Taycan is a twin motor 600+hp, 96kWh, 800-volt 4-door 4-seater coupe with a supposed range of 320 miles (≈ 515 km) . It can reach 0-62 mph (0 -100 km/h) in just over 3 seconds repeatedly, and can rapid charge at over 250kW. With a charging time ≈ 0 - 80% in about 40 minutes.

Prices for this 'Turbo' launch model will be around £130,000 ( ≈ €141k or USD $158k) with cheaper/slower versions kicking off around £65,000 within 18 months of the car's launch in late 2019.

The Taycan is potentially as much of a milestone for Porsche as the aircooled flat six 911 was, taking aspects of the new 992, 911 and Panamera, but is ground-up all new. Jonny was allowed to take the genuine first drive of the car alone for some 30 full throttle launches, but the final spec and aesthetic details of the Taycan still remain under embargo.


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