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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

Rivian seen in New York City

I was in NYC for some 4 days in the beginning of this month and saw may be

two Teslas in Manhattan, where were staying. Some Prius cab would cross our ways but that was about it in terms of electrification of transports. NYC is still a heavy, mostly SUV and Jeep kind of 8 cilinder gasoline slurping city. Change is on its way though and I was very happy to read that a Rivian Jeep was seen in the city, shortly after we arrived in Paris. Now we learned that Ford invests 500 Mln in the Rivian company to make a jeep for the awakening? company. It seems that some alarm bells started ringing when it became clear Tesla is well able to eat up market share from brands like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, amongst others and that finally the Ford company is opening one eye to look disruption in its face. We will see whether it will bring them to their knees or make them prosper again. Lots of work to do for that American idol.


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