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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

DNV GL: Renewables at 80% of Global Electricity Mix by 2050

Consultancy “very technology optimistic” amid daunting climate challenge, says energy practice CEO Ditlev Engel. Read the full article here

. Even a drastic uptick in renewable electricity has the globe on course for about 2.4°C of warming, according to a new analysis from DNV GL.

The takeaways, while a slight variation on other scenarios of how a global energy transition may unfold, affirm what others have forecasted: The world is dangerously far from averting serious climate change.

“The real message here is the urgency,” said Ditlev Engel, the CEO of the consultancy's energy group. “How many more proof points do we need to take the necessary steps to accelerate this transition dramatically? Because time is of the essence. … Technology is there, but regulation needs to be picked up.”


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