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ChaZeMo delivers intelligent charging solutions for individual up to complex, large scale, charging sites.  


For complex installations where larger numbers of chargers are to be installed. 

The biggest challenge in charging multiple electric vehicle (EV) batteries simultaneously is the energy available for it. EV charging solutions from ChaZeMo, from the Norwegian brand Zaptec, patented technology, will balance the available energy dynamically and manage energy using complex algorithms.
So you will be able to charge ~50 vehicles in a circuit of only 63 A. Here you can read more about multi-charging solutions.


For installations up to 5 chargers.

Zaptec Go is the smallest and smartest product on the market, available in various colors and is typically used for up to 5 charging stations. It will manage energy and allow you to manage users. Ideal for the home and small commercial facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, among others.
Zaptec Go chargers are integrated into the same platform as Zaptec Pro, which allows you to manage users and chargers on the same interface. 


For individual smart installations.

Zaptec Go is also used for individual installations, for people who want access to the charger via the internet, for example. It's the smallest and smartest product on the market, available in multiple colors.

For those who want a super simple and super safe charger, the Amina Charger brand is the best solution. It can be placed outdoors or indoors: it always charges safely!


Support, Administrative and Financial Services associated with the charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs),

The administrative and financial processes involved with the use of EV loading infrastructures by condominiums, parking lot owners, etc., are complex and labor-intensive.

With the user support services (ChaZeMo Support), administrative (ChaZeMo Report) and financial (ChaZeMo Pay) your company, the condominium or other type of organization can offer users of chargers (any brand that supports OCCP!) for electric vehicles a service of excellence, reduce costs with administrative management and have the guarantee that financial processes are ensured efficiently,  effective and auditable.


Parking spots equipped for our charging units.

~5 Mw

Per day that our customers charge their EVs batteries with.


Charging sessions per day with our systems.





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