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Here you will find our main partners, with whom we have a closer relationship in terms of products, in the development of technical solutions around charging systems, in equipment installation work, in sales and in management software. In a way our customers are our partners as well, as we often work together on the introduction of new products and services.

Without Redeforte, ChaZeMo would not exist, since it was Redeforte that initiated the development of the electric mobility area and many of the solutions that ChaZeMo sells are from Redeforte. Redeforte does most of the installation and maintenance of the projects that ChaZeMo sells.

Zaptech develops and produces most of the products that ChaZeMo sells, installs and maintains. Zaptec is a Norwegian development and production company with over 200,000 Zaptec Pro's and Go's installed in Europe.


Tesla supplies and maintains our electric vehicles. Thanks to Tesla, we have electric mobility that allows us to travel whenever we want, wherever we want.




Amina Charging  develops and produces the smallest charging solution that ChaZeMo sells, installs and maintains. Amina is also a Norwegian development and production company that is sure to revolutionize the segment of the charging market they focus on.

Our agents are, most of the time, the ones who have the first contact with our customer and without them the 30,000 chargers installed by 2025 would not be possible!


Thanks to the collaboration with Wattify we were able to develop software that allows you to carry out the ChaZeMo Report and ChaZeMo Pay services. A very close relationship to continually add functionality to the software for managing users of their chargers and the values involved with energy consumption.

Wondercom is ChaZeMo's partner in the sale and installation of charging solutions nationwide. Close collaboration with Wondercom makes it possible to obtain satisfied customers with no worries about the quality of their installation. 

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