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You are the one in charge of your energy.

Save on electricity costs and become more independent from energy suppliers! With your photovoltaic solar system you will have less costs and more control over your energy security!

Portugal has a huge advantage: it is one of the countries in the world where solar radiation reaches us in abundance.


This makes it possible for a photovoltaic energy installation to transform this solar radiation into electrical energy for our home, electric car, factory, among others.

Anyone who consumes a lot of electricity during the day should try to take advantage of a photovoltaic solar system.

For larger projects..

Are you analyzing costs in your company? What about having more control over energy costs and thinking about investing in solar energy? Solar energy is changing the way we live. With rising energy costs, the transition to solar energy is happening faster than ever before.

Request your technical visit and proposal of a solution so you can evaluate the investment.

Based on your load profile and local installation conditions, we prepare a detailed and customized quote. We dimension your installation so that your electricity production is optimally adapted to your current and future profile.

Our national partners will install your photovoltaic system in accordance with our high quality requirements. Afterwards, the system is put into operation and handed over to the owner and we will maintain it for you.

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For smaller installations

Your home can also benefit from the sun and you can save on your energy bill from the first day your solar modules are installed.


We first analyze your consumption and then design an appropriate solution. We take care of the installation and maintenance of the system later!

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