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ChaZeMo Support

The EV charging solutions that ChaZeMo sells, installs and maintains,  have functionalities that prevent the vehicle from not receiving the desired charging.

Even with the advanced functionality of Zaptec Pro and - Zaptec Go, users have questions and requests for support, more related to how to change certain parameters, obtain and configure access to a specific charger or how to bill the energy spent by users correctly.

ChaZeMo, with the ChaZeMo Support service, monitors the behavior of your charger and proactively intervenes when necessary

Download the brochure here!

ChaZeMo Report

A multi-charger installation in a car park requires administrative and financial systems that support the processes from end-user registration to billing for charging services at the end of the month. The law provides that the amounts involved with the costs of electricity supplied to the user are billed with the exact tariffs of the electricity supplier.   An organization that does not sell electricity cannot bill values different from those of the supplier.

With the ChaZeMo Report:

  • The administrative process for those who have to recover electricity costs is simplified as much as possible;

  • It is not necessary to resort to the high costs of external entities to bill and collect electricity costs;

  • Users always have the possibility to check consumption details.

Download the brochure here!

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ChaZeMo Pay

An organization is not always prepared (or wants to be) to do the administrative and financial work involved with the invoicing processes and collection of amounts that charger users owe. 

We can do that for you, the ChaZeMo Pay service includes:


  • Invoicing (monthly) and collecting electricity values from users of chargers connected to electrical switchboards of the condominium;

  • Provide detailed information to charger users using the ChaZeMo Report;

  • The owner/condominium will receive, on a monthly basis, a report on the consumption of electricity by users/owners of common services and the amounts charged for the previous month;

  • The owner / condominium will receive, monthly, the total amount of the previous month that was charged and received.

Download the brochure here!

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