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Complex installations and multi-charger

The great challenge of installations with many chargers connected to the same source of electricity, is the available power. As such, Zaptec has developed a solution, the Zaptec Pro for intelligent use of the available electric energy, dynamic balancing of phases and loads and then avoids additional costs with increases in the contracted and installed power for the purpose of charging electric vehicles. The technology is patented and can charge 50 vehicles on the same 63A circuit (for the technicians among us).

Our largest facility in Portugal has 1,048 parking spaces and we have achieved no increases in installed power. To find out how, please contact us!

 Download the brochure here.

For smarter and smaller installations

Based on Norway's state-of-the-art Zaptec eco-friendly technology, we present here the 22 kW charger (the maximum power), the Zaptec Go, which is as smart on the inside as it is simple on the outside.

Zaptec Go is suitable for your home or small business and for all electric cars. Rest because Zaptec Go has a 5-year warranty!

For small businesses, Zaptec Go is the ideal and most economical solution. It allows to manage the allocated energy more efficiently and ensures the correct recording of electricity consumption by each user. Costs can be assigned to the consumer automatically and securely.

Zaptec Go is the most suitable solution for small installations.
Download the brochure here.


For simple individual installations

In addition to many vehicles already having apps that allow you to see the charging status, in addition to other functions, there are our customers who do not need to have access, remotely to the charger. They simply want to get the car to charge.

When that's your situation, Amina should be your option. A charger that was developed and is produced in Norway, with a focus on safety and maximum stability. The charger charges up to 7.4 kWh in single-phase.

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