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Who is ChaZeMo?

"ChaZeMo aims to boost electric mobility and sell, install and maintain 30,000 charging units by the end of 2025 in Portugal and Spain."

It is an ambitious goal, but perfectly possible to achieve given the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market, which, in 2030, will represent a market share of at least 30%. Of the brands that ChaZeMo represents, more than 200,000 charging stations have already been installed in Europe.

However, it would be impossible to carry out the project without the help of ChaZeMo employees, its customers and its partners. ChaZeMo team members are 100% dedicated to the goal and work in cohesion to always get the best result for customers. This in close collaboration with its partners, to whom we dedicatea specific page.

ChaZeMo's customers are, for example, investment companies in commercial real estate (offices etc. with garages underneath), they are hotels that want to offer a more complete customer service, they are individuals who need a charger for their car, they are distribution companies that want to guarantee that the fleet is ready to leave for the delivery route the next morning... A diversity of needs that we meet with the charging solutions, software and services of ChaZeMo and its partners. Served with pleasure!


The most important phase, perhaps, is listening to the client about the challenge to be overcome and then transforming it into solutions. The technology that ChaZeMo selects is always scrutinized during testing processes, before applying it to the market. The quality of our solutions then results in longer warranty periods: 5 years. 



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