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The ZAPTEC Portal is the brain behind our intelligent charging infrastructure. It continuously monitors, balances and optimizes the load between the various charging stations.

Installers and owners of loading facilities can easily follow their facilities on the ZAPTEC Portal. Here you can add charging stations, read the charging history and make updates, control, settings and more.

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View the charging history for each charging station or registered user.

The ZAPTEC Portal contains a wide variety of useful tools. Here you can view and export the complete charging history of the entire installation, individual charging stations or users, for a specific period.


To view the history by user in shared charging stations, everyone must be registered in the ZAPTEC Portal and the RFID card or tag must be linked to the user profile to start charging.

Facility owners can block charging stations to allow only selected people to access or, alternatively, anyone.

With user groups, it is possible to have several charging stations open to be billed and to block other charging stations for private charging only within the same system.

Control the energy use of the system with the ZAPTEC Portal:

Whenever a user loads the VE, all consumption is recorded on the ZAPTEC Portal. This allows you to monitor the energy usage and EV charging costs.

Even if users share the charging station with others, you can still see the user's individual billing history. To access the individual billing history, you must establish authentication with an RFID card or use the ZAPTEC application. This also allows you to allow access to specific users only.

To be allowed access, you must be a registered user for that specific installation. Registration is done by the system administrator.

Reports can be generated for each charging station; therefore, if the charging station is not shared, no identification is required.

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Installation on the ZAPTEC Portal for electricians:


The ZAPTEC Portal makes installation quick and easy. All configuration is done through the ZAPTEC Portal and real-time control is available immediately.


The installation overview provides detailed information about charging stations, with details such as history, network status and possible errors.

See real-time status on charging, use of phases in the power circuit and information on fully charged EVs.

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