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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

Hybrid or 100% electric?

For those who have access to a charger, there are still other questions to answer when thinking about purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV), one of them: will it be a hybrid or a 100% electric one? In Europe, on average, we travel a day with our vehicles. This means that relatively few times we travel longer distances.

For those who do daily commutes it doesn't make much sense to buy a Hybrid because you'll have to charge the battery every day. With a 100% electric one that will have a 200km or more range you will, may be, charge once or twice a week. Not to mention the 100% electric not having the maintenance cost that a hybrid has, because of the internal combustion engine. In Norway, the switch to 100% electric is already underway, as you can see. Interesting.


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