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Parceria ChaZeMo - Hotelshop

HotelShop+SocialShop and ChaZeMo have become partners for electric vehicle charging solutions for small and large car parks.

In the hotel industry, the corporate/MICE market will grow this year and there are several companies/clients that require this equipment in hotels to book a stay. Hotelshop serves its member by providing procurement and administration services.

ChaZeMo represents the Norwegian brand, Zaptec, in Portugal and Spain. Zaptec is the market leader in multi-charger systems in Northern Europe (more than 70,000 chargers installed). In Portugal, ChaZeMo already has charging infrastructures installed for more than 3000 electric vehicles.

ChaZeMo has partnered with Grenke to offer Renting solutions in the acquisition of chargers and their installation.

Summary of our solution:

Low cost dedicated electrical infrastructure. No limitation on the number of chargers.

Dynamic load balancing and intelligent power management available (more than 50 stations per 63Amp circuit with unlimited number of circuits)

Single/Three-phase automatic switching

Comprehensive cloud-based management control at no additional cost.

Payment processing service that allows a more controlled management in making collections and the respective consumption reporting.


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