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  • Pieter B.J. Ijzerman

The importance of robust charging management

In Portugal some 30% of households have access to a private parking spot. As we know from countries like Norway, every EV will have a charger for it, ideally. Personally, I charge at the office and, of course with our Zaptec Pro. When I leave the car parked for a night, I can be assured it is charged in the morning, if there is power on the grid. The grid sometimes fails with bad weather or by other circumstances and, in general, comes back to power our houses etc. quickly. It means though that the charging of my car is interrupted sometimes.

The Zaptec Pro though being interrupted, will come back online by itself, the moment the power is back. I am now doing tests and am charging on slow (10Amps, perfect) public chargers near my home in Lisbon. There are some three locations where I can do that. As you can see on the image, charging was interrupted, and I received a message from Tesla that this happened at 5 AM. This is a recurrent issue, and it happens with the other public chargers in my neighborhood as well and they do not restart charging my car when the power is back. This is a reliability issue that must be solved as public confidence in the system is essential to allow adoption of electric mobility to further grow.


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